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About Us

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In 1942, while the shadow of WWII spread across the States, grandfather of today’s president, Leo R. Hickey fearlessly pursued his vision to start a small, innovative roofing company. When responsive customer service and industry expertise led to an influx of new business, it left him with one question that every American was asking: What can the future hold? 


Four generations later, with 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities spread across seven locations, Hickey Metal Fabrication forges ahead, with deeply rooted core values, as the Midwest’s leading vertically integrated metal fabricator. No matter the downturn – world wars, recessions, or global shutdowns – Hickey Metal has resiliently endured as a forerunner in the unfolding landscape of technology in manufacturing.


From manual hammering and welding to robotic systems and automation, Hickey embraces every industry-wide shift in its processing. It utilizes an experienced team of welders, machine operators, and engineers to deliver the highest quality product with fast turnaround times. This enables Hickey Metal to scale up or down to meet their customer’s needs.

Hickey’s one-stop-shop customer experience implements over 75 of the industries’ top notch machines that decreases processing time and costs. They house brands such as Trumpf, Lincoln, Haas, Kasto, Accurpress, and BLM.


When working with Hickey Metal — whether today or in the future — you’ll enjoy a sharp, quick witted family that emphasizes cutting-edge technologies, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and demands quality. From the largest aluminum toolbox to the smallest machined pins, Hickey Metal Fabrication strives to produce the highest quality product in the quickest amount of time, all under one roof (well–under all seven).


A. Robert Hickey (2nd Generation) and Leo R. Hickey (1st Generation) 

B. Original Hickey Roofing Truck

C. Nick Peters, Lois Peters, Bob Hickey, Nancy Hickey, Nicholas Peters, Ben Peters and Leo P. Hickey

D. Ad 1 Circa 1988

E. Ad 2 Circa 1987

Our Story

Hickey Metal Fabrication:

Our Story, Our Promise

Hickey Metal Fabrication has grown from a one-man shop to a nationally-recognized fabricating powerhouse. This quick video introduces you to our family owner/management team and offers an overview of our seven-plant, 400,000+ square foot facility.


“We can go from a design phase of a part to producing a part in a matter of hours.”

- Nick Peters P.E.

Our Process

Delivering High Quality Parts,

Developing Long-lasting Partnerships 

Tour Our Plants

Join us at our seven-plant locations to tour over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing capacity. See our world-class equipment like Trumpf lasers and bend cells, Lincoln Weld Robot cells, Haas machining centers and BLM Tube bending in action.  The goal is you leave knowing Hickey Metal has the scale and capacity to fabricate your next project.

We Build Your Solution

Share with us about your business, project and future needs. Our 4th generation leadership team will help you meet budget goals, timeline goals and quality standards. We will make the plan from cutting our first part to automating the process. During this whole process, you will work directly with one of the Hickey Metal Fabrication owners.

Watch Us Automate

Watch our state-of-the-art automated technology go to work for you. As the Midwest’s leading vertically integrated metal fabricator, we hold in-house ownership of every stage of manufacturing. If you need to increase your order or reimagine the design, talk to us–we do it all.

Receive as Promised

Watch Hickey’s very own fleet of trucks deliver on-time and on-budget. Know that Hickey’s integration of robotic precision and human management will produce the highest quality part, in the quickest time, for the most efficient costs. We guarantee it.

Continue the Partnership

Our business has been built on partnership for over 80 years. Consistent communication, continuous improvement and desire be always be better is what you will get from Hickey Metal.

Company News

Your Vision + Our Automation = On-Time, On-Budget Products

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