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We are honored to be the 2023 Industry Award Winner

On behalf of Hickey Family and our Valued Employees, Thank you to our customers and industry partners who have been foundational to our success.




Hickey Metal Fabrication:

Our Story, Our Promise

Hickey Metal Fabrication has grown from a one-man shop to a nationally-recognized fabricating powerhouse. This quick video introduces you to our family owner/management team and offers an overview of our seven-plant, 400,000+ square foot facility.


“We can go from a design phase of a part to producing a part in a matter of hours.”

- Nick Peters P.E.

Our Capabilities, Your Solution.

In our 400,000 square feet, Hickey Metal provides start-to-finish fabrication expertise for our customers. As Vice President Adam Hickey puts it, “We do metal fabrication from start to finish—we burn it, bend it, weld it, assemble it, powder coat it, and ship it out. All in-house.” Which makes us cost-effective and efficient for our customers. From large complex assemblies to simple parts, we have the equipment and capacity to handle anything you send us.


We continually invest in best-of-the-best equipment to streamline our processes. Recent additions include a new Trumpf 3030 6K Fiber Laser cutting center and automation to a Mazak Lathe turning center, Trumpf TruPunch 5000 with SheetMaster, and BLM 6” CNC tube bender.

Trumpf 5000 Punch
Trumpf Bend Cell
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