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Bent and Welded Pipe Assemblies

At Hickey Metal Fabrication, we specialize in aluminum pipe fabrication of completed pipe kits for the transportation industry. We bend up to 4” schedule 40 aluminum and stainless pipe and then tig weld the assemblies. We weld to food grade pipe specifications.

Tube Laser Cutting

We cut the aluminum and stainless piping on our tube laser including different holes and taps for the pipe assemblies.

Tube Bending

We bend piping on our BLM tube bender. We can rotary roll and bend up to 4” schedule 40 aluminum and stainless pipe.

Machined Flanges

We machine the pipe flanges in-house. The material is laser cut and the OD is turned on one of our Haas lathes.

Tig Welding

The bent and tube lasered pipes are moved to weld. We tig weld aluminum flanges, pipe taps and camlocks onto the pipe.

Cleaning and Kitting

Every piece of pipe goes through cleaning. The welds are cleaned and the outside of the pipe receives a brush finish. Each pipe is dot peen label marked with a part number before it goes into a kit that is ready to ship.

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