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High Strength Booms and Weld Kits

At Hickey Metal Fabrication, we work with high-strength grade 100 and A514 material. We built our first boom in early 2000, and today, we make various size booms from ¼” thick to ½” thick grade 100 steel. We also provide weld kits that include the component parts from formed laser burnt parts to machined DOM bushings.

Cutting grade 100 steel

Hickey Metal Fabrication stocks grade 100 steel from ¼” inch to ½” inch. We also stock A514 through 1.25” thick. We laser cut the boom blanks on one of our large format lasers. All of the 1” parts and bigger are plasma cut on our ESAB high-def plasma.

Press Brake Bending – Up to 24’

We bend the high-strength booms on one of our large format press brakes. We can bend up to 1250 tons and 24’ long.

Fitting and Welding the Booms

The bent booms go to a manual weld station which adds a base plate to the weldment. After the booms are fit together, they go to the final weld step. Controlling distortion is key and one of our trade secrets. 

Preparing for Shipment

Along with the boom tube weldments, we provide our customer with a weld kit containing component parts that need welded to the boom to complete the final assembly. We stock a large array of machined parts and components in our Kardex storage system. Our kit department can quickly pack a kit and get it finalized for shipment.

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