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Automated Weldments

At Hickey Metal Fabrication, weld automation is a large part of our business. Our vertically integrated automation aligns our lasers, robotic bending, and machining to feed our weld robots. We have thirteen weld robots handling various size parts up to 17’ long: two aluminum robots and eleven steel robots. Hickey’s large-scale investment in vertical integration sets us apart from the competition.

Automated CNC Punch & Lasers

At Hickey Metal Fabrication, we can laser cut on one of our seven lasers and run parts automated on our punch. We can handle high volume orders using various materials quickly.

Tube Laser Cutting

Our tube lasers cut all of the tubing to feed the weld department. We can also cut angle, c-channel, and other profile shapes.

Robotic Bending

For higher volume and parts that weigh between 50 and 250 pounds, we can robotically bend. Hickey’s two robotic bend cells can handle various ranges of parts from gauge material to ½” thick. Our bending is more accurate and makes robot welding more consistent.


Most of our weldments at Hickey Metal Fabrication require some type of machined item. From bushings to pins to machined plates, our machine shop feeds robotic welding.

Robotic Welding

Parts feed into one of the thirteen weld cells. Robots are located throughout our plants. These weld cells enable us to produce weldments faster with higher quality levels than manual welding.

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