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Aluminum Toolbox

At Hickey Metal Fabrication, we specialize in aluminum fabrication of completed toolboxes for the towing and transportation industry. We make the toolboxes from start to finish with all hardware installed and doors fabricated in house.

Cutting Aluminum Sheet Metal

We cut the aluminum sheet metal for all toolboxes on our Trumpf 5060 or 3060 large format lasers. This enables us to cut parts up to 20’ long and sheet widths below 96”. Our largest toolbox requires 220” material and doors up to 7’ tall.

Tube Laser Cutting

We tube laser cut all the tubing & c-channel structures. We slot and tab everything to make fabrication quicker. With our Trumpf 5000 and 7000 lasers, we can handle high volume runs.

Aluminum Fabrication

Each toolbox is fixtured and welded out in our Plant 5 Aluminum Fab Plant. The doors are built, welded and metal finished prior to assembly.


Every box gets detailed with stainless hardware, e-coat tailboards and doors with electronic latches. All the boxes are metal finished and cleaned prior to leaving HMF.

Quality Check

Every toolbox gets caulked with sealant, leak checked with a water test and all hardware torque checked to specifications. Every piece leaves our shop the way we’d like it received–fully inspected and ready to go.

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